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Employees are a company’s most valuable resource and employee safety should be a priority in any company policy. Both employers and employees deserve a secure and drug-free workplace. Advantage Testing (AT) recognizes the need for a comprehensive and confidential drug and alcohol testing program. AT services can be utilized easily during the applicant screening process or implemented into a company’s existing policies and procedures.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing / Collections for both TX/US D.O.T. and Non-DOT
  • Hair, Saliva, and Urine Testing
  • T.D.L.R. Policy Development and Implementation Support
  • Workplace and Individual Testing
  • Random Testing Programs
  • On-Site / Mobile Collections
  • 24-Hour Post Accident / Emergency Collections
  • Drug-Free Workplace Employee Education
  • Employment Physicals (D.O.T. and Non-DOT)
  • Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor Training
  • EAP and SAP Programs
  • At-Home Testing
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • MRO Services
    • The Medical Review Officer (MRO) helps protect the rights of the employee being tested and the employer requiring testing.
    • AT offers MRO services to employers as part of our complete service offering. Results are received electronically from the laboratories. These results are then reviewed by the MRO and reported via e-mail, website, fax, phone, or mail.
  • Corporate Services
    • AT can handle all aspects of your drug-testing program, including collections, laboratory testing, MRO services, random and pre-employment testing, policy development / implementation and drug-free workplace support.

We ensure quality, value, integrity and excellence in customer service. We can fully manage your substance abuse program and save you time, money, and exposure to risk


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